The EAC logo, the indispensable guarantee of conformity of the UEE (Russian Eurasian Union)

EAC logo: what it indicates and who can use it

With the entry into force in 2013 of the new Technical Regulations, which stabilize new safety requirements for products placed on the markets of the countries joining the Eurasian Economic Union, the need to change the PCT brand, which sanctioned compliance with National GOST. Since 2015, the EAC logo has become the new guarantee of conformity to the goods sold in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and Kyrgyzstan.

Obviously, as for its predecessor, there are rules to be respected to obtain the use permit, subject to verification of EAC compliance by the accredited bodies. The products subject to mandatory EAC certification are innumerable: from machinery to motor vehicles, from protective clothing to children.

It can be said that, in the Eurasian Economic Union, the EAC logo is the equivalent of the CE logo in Europe: it guarantees verified safety and compliance with specific standards of the product on which it is applied. But be careful not to confuse them: one does not replace the other because both are subject to different rules, purposes, and authorities.

Labeling: placement, violations, and EAC sanctions

EAC labeling is subject to extremely precise dictates. For example, it is not only essential to affix the EAC logo on the product: it must also be placed on the sales packaging, on the transport packaging, on the accompanying documentation, and on the package leaflets.

But what happens if, at the time of customs checks, a load for which the declaration for import goods has already been submitted does not have the EAC marking? The customs authorities initiate a sanctioning procedure that provides a fine of between fifty thousand and three hundred thousand rubles and the confiscation of assets for a hypothetical crime of smuggling. The latter is rarely implemented, but the actual economic damage following non-compliance with the marking obligations is still evident. Moreover, it does not correspond only to the amount of the administrative sanction but also to the expenses following the initiation of an appeal that lasts at least a couple of months and the transport and storage of the load in Customs warehouses for that period.

If, on the other hand, a shipment of the EAC logo still arrives in the territory without the UEE and the declaration for import goods has not yet been presented, there will not be a financial penalty because an administrative offense has not occurred. However, the goods will still have to be transferred and stored in a customs warehouse until compliance is obtained and the marking is applied, with an almost equivalent waste of time and money.

It follows that facing the meticulous checks of the Eurasian Economic Union without being in good standing is highly inadvisable.

Graphic features and dimensions of the EAC logo

The EAC logo must have specific graphic characteristics to be valid and recognizable. It consists of the letters E, A, and C, drawn with squared outlines, all three high and wide equal and of a single color, nicely set off against the background. The logo occupies the area of ​​a square, the side of which must not be less than 5 mm.

Here is an image of the EAC logo in vector format.

Author: Rigon Emanuele
Engineer, entrepreneur and management consultant. Expert in European directives and standards regarding the safety of machinery and work equipment, Russian Technical Regulations, REACH Directive.

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