EAC technical passport

A technical passport is documentation intended for the end-user to make him aware of all the technical data of the machine and its operation. This document must be present throughout the life cycle and is issued in accordance with GOST 2.601-2013 “Single system of design and operational documentation” and GOST-R 2.601-2006 “Single system of design documentation. Rules for the creation of operational documentation”.

The passport can also be presented to a certification body and must be in Russian.

What does this document contain? It contains all the information about the manufacturer’s warranty, technical parameters, some details about certification and disposal. Other information you will find is about installation, use, and maintenance.

The technical passport is a key document for obtaining EAC certification or the EAC declaration and, at the same time, it is important to use the equipment in a way that minimizes risks.

Technical passport: the contents

The technical passport includes a cover page and some mandatory sections such as basic product information, service life, maintenance and storage, packaging information, acceptance, rental and repair, notes on operation and storage (if necessary), price information.

Technical passport: when is it compulsory?

The technical passport is compulsory for the following regulations:

  • TR CU 004/2011 On the safety of low-voltage equipment
  • TR CU 010/2011 On safety of machinery and equipment
  • TR CU 011/2011 On the safety of lifts
  • TR CU 012/2011 On the safety of EX machines and equipment used in hazardous areas
  • TR CU 016/2011 On the safety of gaseous fuel appliances
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