User Manual For Eac Certification

In order to carry out a conformity assessment, certain technical documents must be submitted to the certification body. The user manual is one of the essential technical documents for conformity assessment. The user manual contains all the necessary information on the construction, characteristics, components of the machinery, operation, disposal, repair, maintenance, and technical condition in order to ensure the safe and correct operation of the machinery.
Operating instructions are created for different products, types, models, or series that are similar.
The manual must comply with the standards: GOST R 54121-2010, GOST R 2.601-2013, GOST R 2.610-2006 and according to the technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union TR CU 010/2011 on the safety of machinery and equipment and TR CU 032/2013 on the safety of pressure vessels.
Specific requirements are also included in Appendix 2 of Technical Regulation TR CU 016/2011 on the safety of appliances burning gaseous fuels.

What the manual includes

The user manual includes:

  • information on storage conditions;
  • instructions for assembly, repair and technical repair;
  • safety regulations for transport;
  • information on disposal;
  • guidance on misuse;
  • information on the construction, operation, characteristics of the machinery (or equipment);
  • information on the management of the machinery or equipment;
  • information on security measures;
  • instructions on how to behave in the event of disturbances, danger, rescue of persons and first aid;
  • information on residual risk.

The manual must contain information on the manufacturer, the importer and both addresses. It shall be prepared in printed form in the Russian language but, if necessary, also in the official language of the respective member state.

Identification label

Referring to the requirements of TR CU 010/2011 on the safety of machinery and equipment, each machine must have a label. The label must be clearly legible and non-washable, identifying the machine and containing information on the serial number, model, date of manufacture, manufacturer, type of machine and its brand. Safety markings are also very important and must be visible and legible. In addition, safety labels in hazardous areas of the plant are important and recommended, which can consist of short texts or clear symbols.

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