Technical Regulation TR CU 020/2011 on electromagnetic compatibility

The technical regulation TR CU 020/2011 on electromagnetic compatibility aims to establish an unambiguous system regarding the electromagnetic characteristics of machinery and related technical devices. The requirements taken into account relate to the prevention of consumer deception by providing truthful data on product safety.

Compliance with the TR CU 020/2011 regulation is required to export and manufacture electromagnetic devices in the Customs Union territory, including the Russian and Eurasian markets.

General regulatory framework

With the harmonization of national regulations, the rules of Directive 2014/30/EU have been repealed and replaced. The technical regulation TR CU 020/2011 on electromagnetic compatibility requires that devices be manufactured without causing electromagnetic interference that may affect the operation of other equipment.

These devices must protect life, health and the environment. This regulation is to be applied to all equipment that is capable of creating possible electromagnetic interference. However, it does not cover the use of radio frequencies by governments.

The EAC Certificate gives official status to the machinery or equipment, testifying that each stage complied with the regulation and that it is, therefore, possible to access the Russian market. The TR CU 010/2011 regulation abolished the GOST-R and GOST- TR, i.e. the certificates valid for that country.


Regulation TR CU 010/2011 contains the complete list of devices and equipment that require mandatory Certification. If the device or equipment does not fall within the scope of Article 1, a Declaration may be prepared.

Both items have the same legal status. Certification is issued on a numbered form by an accredited body. The Declaration takes the form of an A4 document by the declarant, who assumes responsibility for the conformity of the device or equipment. In this case, the only task of the accredited body is to check that it is properly completed.

In some cases, it is possible for the customer to request a Certification in lieu of a Declaration in accordance with Article 7 TR CU 004 (TR CU 020). Conversely, it is not possible to request a Declaration when the regulations provide for a Certification.

For devices or equipment not produced in series, the validity of a Certification or Declaration varies from 1 to 5 years.

To make an EAC Declaration, the declarant must be a company or natural person residing in the Russian Customs Union.

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